Kāzām gatavojas Austrālijas slavenākais hipiju pāris

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Sallija Mustanga (Sally Mustang) un Mitčs Gobels (Mitch Gobel) tiek uzskatīti par vienu no populārākajiem hipiju pāriem pasaulē. Austrālijā dzimušie mīlnieki nule paziņojuši par saderināšanos.

Pāris iemantojuši fanu uzticību ar savu atklātību, mīlestību pret dabu un jogu, kā arī vienam pret otru.

Vienā no jaunākajiem ierakstiem pāris paziņojis, ka gatavojas kāzām. Bildinājums izskanējis kādā templī svētdienas rītā 24 cilvēku vidū.

On Saturday afternoon, myself and 24 other beautiful people gathered in a sacred temple to share some of our experiences from our ceremony the night before... I was the last to share my story and after two hours of waiting, planning my words and hoping I could speak them accordingly, it was my time... ‘So my intention for last night was to, really reflect on the journey that @sallymustang and I have shared over the past three years. On either side of the chaos which was my third cup, I feel like I really tapped into that...’ My heart thumped a million miles an hour as I swallowed and did my best to keep a straight face... ‘Our journey started the first time we met, when you showed up on my door step. At that point in my life, I was in the best place that I’d ever been in every way, but I was still so lost...’ At this point I burst into tears. Doing my best to speak the words, I stuttered, sobbed and continued... ‘The moment I met you, I just knew that I was home’ Now the tears really came through. For a minute or so I cried, my head between my knees as I hunched over in my seated position before eventually coming to a place of brief clarity... ‘I knew that you were everything I’d ever been searching for and that I was safe...’ At this point, the tears turned into streams, but as I gasped for air and whipped the tears from my face... ‘Since then, our life together has just been insane! What the fuck, just so amazing. We both just threw away everything that our lives had become up until that point, and a few weeks later you left your partner of eight years, I moved interstate and we got a house together! It’s just been ridiculous ever since... So much crazy shit and beautiful memories, and then the universe threw us a curve ball, the shit hit-the-fan - we broke up, did some work on ourselves and got back together - long story short...’ Looking into Sal’s eyes, I watched as tears started to roll down her face...... this is post 1 of 2, see the next post for the full story ❤️

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