Santa Pīlēna publisko pirmos foto ar jaundzimušo

Santa Pīlēna publisko pirmos foto ar jaundzimušo
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Stiliste un bērnu modes blogere Santa Pīlēna, kura augusta vidū kļuva par māmiņu ceturtajai atvasei, publiskojusi pirmos foto ar meitiņu. =


baby GERTRUDE #kidsgazetteart

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MOTHERHOOD WEDNESDAY since I’m not bloging for years now, I still receive lettters, notes etc about how I manage my time, kids fashion, family travel, health... To sum it all up I’m starting this insta blog and will share once a week my expierence on different motherhood issues! TODAY: getting to know each other! Meet your baby! A week ago I gave birth to my 4th baby- girl Gertrude. Instead of having all 4 at home, we decided to have a different, more relaxed approach with the help of our dear nanny and relatives. So Andreys (8) was sent to a soccer camp, Maya (11) in the countryside, Frida (1,6) at the seaside with nanny. Now I have more time to figure out Gertrude’s habits, have a little rest from work and feel more feminine than ever. 100% attention and love is the best I can give our newcomer. Welcome home! + brestfeeding is important, and to give it a good start it’s great to be stress free and baby can take all the time she needs. You are welcome to ask questions, tell your own expierence and just become part of the comunity!

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My funny company... ? @gala_and_faina

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Vecāki - Santa un Mārtiņš Pīlēni - meitu nosaukuši par Ģertrūdi. Šī ir pāra otrā kopīgā atvasei - Ģertrūdei ir māsiņa vārdā Frīda.

Santai no iepriekšējām attiecībām ar "Prāta vētras" taustiņinstrumentālistu Māri Mihelsonu ir meita Maija un dēls Andrejs. 

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