Lūdzu, ņemiet vērā, ka raksts ir vairāk nekā piecus gadus vecs un ir pārvietots uz mūsu arhīvu. Mēs neatjauninām arhīvu saturu, tāpēc var būt nepieciešams meklēt jaunākus avotus.

Ugunsgrēkā reiva pasākumā ASV bojā gājusi jauna mūziķe

Ugunsgrēkā reiva pasākumā ASV bojā gājusi jauna mūziķe
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Ugunsgrēkā reiva pasākumā Kalifornijā, kas izcēlās bijušajā noliktavā notiekošajā reiva pasākumā, bojā gājusi arī jaunās drīmpopa apvienības «Them Are Us Too» ģitāriste Keša Eskjū (Cash Askew), ziņo «pitchfork.com».

Kopumā bojāgājušo skaits pieaudzis līdz 33. Jau vēstīts, ka ugunsgrēks izcēlās piektdienas vakarā Oklendas pilsētā bijušajā noliktavā, kad tur norisinājās reiva pasākums.

Keša Eskjū bija 22 gadus veca transpersona.

«Them Are Us Too» debijas albums «Remain» izdots «Dais Records» apgādā 2015. gadā.

an excerpt from an interview I did with Them Are Us Too ahead of our tour together last year: "I’ve never been a very assertive person, so I have a hard time confronting people on a level of this, whether its the blatant sexism or the misgendering. Breaking down the constant conditioning enveloping anyone who is not cisgender/able-bodied/white/male — that you are not entitled to space, or to be heard — can be really difficult. As a trans person, I’m constantly doubting myself and afraid that people will like me less or take me less seriously if I make a point of who I am. But I’m working on being more assertive, especially because I have the privilege of having a record out and suddenly getting a lot more attention and praise. I feel some responsibility to claim space, to be vocal and visible. I hope that in doing so I can help these spaces feel more comfortable for other queer folks and femmes who are constantly being silenced, ignored and manipulated in music. I want to take advantage of my position even if it just means one kid at our show feeling a little safer or prouder. But in advocating visibility as we try to make a living off our music, I also need to be really careful not to slip towards some assimilationist bullshit of incorporating relatively radical queer identities into a violent and oppressive mainstream culture. I don’t want my identity or anyone else’s to be tokenized for liberals to pat themselves on the back for being so progressive while ignoring myriad other injustices, and I don’t want our identities to be commodified and sold back to us for the benefit of people who already have power." - Cash Askew, 2015

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