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Latvijā vairs nevalda tveice, taču pašmāju daiļavām tas tāpat netraucē atpūsties pie ūdens vai izklaidēties svešās zemēs!


There are photos that need a comeback ??? Summer 2018 This is what helps me to stay fit + gym 2 times a week + tennis once a week + bike rides at least once a week + being always on the move + eating clean (meat/fish+veggies or vegan) + drinking water (I love sparkling) + rice milk instead of cow’s milk + skipping sugary meals This is me being very good but I am a human, too so I sometimes do bad things ? like eat chips, forget about water, eat bread and so on... But! I never regret doing so because as soon as you regret it, your body starts gaining fats & extra weight, because it’s not just about the physical state. It’s in our ?! The sooner you’ll let it go and won’t blame yourself, the sooner your body will get rid of it.

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Miss this ❤️????‍♀️ #sup #vacation

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Weekender* Saules nogurdinātā ?

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wannabe @emrata

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Atpūšos un nefokusējos ??☀️?️????️ #blueasswater

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Brīvdienas...???#greece?? #sun #vacation#parādivasarustv

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Rainbows and unicorns kind of summer ? #rhodes #lovegreece

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