Holivudas zvaigznes parāda savus tētus par godu Tēva dienai

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16. jūnijā ASV tika svinēta Tēva diena, kas pamudināja neskaitāmas slavenības dalīties ar kadriem, kuros redzami viņu tēvi, - daži izvēlējušies publiskot nesenus, savukārt liela daļa izvēlējās viņu bērnībā uzņemtos foto.


Happy Fathers Day! We love you so much. ❤️

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I love this photo of my father because it shows so much of his presence—his strength, his poise, and yes, his style. My dad was pretty cool. He was proud and warm with a smooth baritone voice and ready laugh. He was also quite punctual, as you can see from his wristwatch suntan. But I also love this photo because its imperfections capture a lot about what it’s like for me to think about him today. This snapshot is a reminder that all memories are somewhat incomplete, a photographic representation that my time with him was cut short. And that’s ok—that’s life. And that’s why, today and every day, I’m grateful for all of it: for every imperfect photograph, for every incomplete memory, and for the many wonderful, beautiful years I had to learn and love — and be loved by — my father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I miss you and I’ll love you forever.

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Happy Father’s Day dad x love you so much :) you are the best and always have been ❤️

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Happy Father’s Day dad... Love you so much ♥️

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Miss you.

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Happy Father’s Day daddy! I love you so much (even when you feed Maverick from the table)! ♥️

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Happy Father’s Day @papakjonas LOVE YOU PLEASE GIVE ME THAT SWEATER.

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Feliz Día Del Padre! #HappyFathersDay

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